Orthopedic Associates Celebrates 1,000th Outpatient Joint Replacement at Des Peres Square Surgery Center

The specialists at Orthopedic Associates are celebrating their 1,000th outpatient joint replacement milestone at the practice’s surgery center, Des Peres Square Surgery Center, located at 1050 Old Des Peres Road, Suite 150, next to Orthopedic Associates’ main office. Patients experiencing chronic joint pain are encouraged to call 314-569-0616 to schedule an appointment with one of the total joint care experts at Orthopedic Associates.

The outpatient total joint replacement program at Orthopedic Associates’ surgery center is led by specialty-trained orthopedic surgeons Dr. Christopher Mudd, Dr. Ryan Pitts, Dr. James Burke, Dr. Robert Kramer and Dr. Richard Hulsey. These joint replacement experts remain at the forefront of their field, continuously updating their expertise with the latest techniques and innovations. This includes offering same-day hip, knee and shoulder replacements.

In addition to relieving the daily symptoms of severe joint damage from arthritis, outpatient joint replacement at Des Peres Square Surgery Center offers patients a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower cost compared to joint replacement performed in hospital setting.
  • Quicker postoperative recovery time.
  • Reduced risk of infection.
  • The ability to leave the same day you have your procedure.
  • Comfortable, convenient at-home recovery.

“Surpassing this milestone in outpatient care is an amazing achievement by our team of experts at Orthopedic Associates, and it showcases our dedication to a patient-centered experience,” said board-certified orthopedic surgeon and outpatient total joint replacement expert Dr. Mudd. “As a team, we only strive for the best possible outcomes for every individual we serve.”

To learn more about outpatient joint replacement or to schedule an appointment with one of the experts at Orthopedic Associates, please call 314-569-0616.