Joint Revision

More times than not, patients will undergo a joint replacement procedure only once for a particular joint; however, for various reasons, there are times when a second joint replacement, or revision, may be necessary to correct, adjust, or treat an underlying infection or misalignment, or it may be performed to replace an old implant. Since the complexity and challenge of a joint revision will vary greatly by the patient, not all joint replacement surgeons perform joint reconstruction or revision procedures because they require different skills and techniques. At Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, we have the city's few joint surgeons who will perform joint revision surgeries and have the expertise to do so. 

Dr. James Burke, Dr. Richard Hulsey, and Dr. Christopher Mudd are our orthopedic surgeons with extensive joint revision experience and training to assess, diagnose, and treat joint replacements that may require a revision surgery. Together with their combined education and expertise, our joint revision doctors make up a comprehensive team that can evaluate and determine the right course of treatment to correct or fix a failed joint replacement. Since a second joint replacement surgery may be more involved than the first, our on-site conveniences for postsurgical care, such as physical therapy, make rehabilitation easier on you and help you to recover faster. 


If you've had a joint replacement surgery, like knee replacement or hip replacement, pay attention to any changes you notice in your prosthesis, such as loosening, as well as any symptoms you may have. Be sure to provide this information to your doctor at your appointment.

Here are some of the symptoms you may have noticed that can indicate it is time for a revision:

  • Artificial knee or weight-bearing joint feels unstable
  • Bending joint, such as knee joint, brings about bone-on-bone sensation
  • Existing implant feels like it is loosening
  • Hip joint is sore
  • Knee feels like it will buckle when you stand

If any of the issues above sound familiar to you, your joint specialist may recommend a hip revision, knee revision, or another type of revision surgery.


At Orthopedic Associates, our team of board-certified specialists and staff strive for excellence in orthopedic medicine and podiatry, offering exceptional knowledge and skill in every patient encounter. When diagnosing injuries and conditions, our doctors consider all factors and options before offering a care recommendation and are committed to attempting nonsurgical treatment options first before recommending surgery. Our joint revision surgeons, Dr. James Burke, Dr. Richard Hulsey, and Dr. Christopher Mudd, will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that specifically meets your individual needs and concerns. 

However, for advanced conditions or serious injuries, joint revision surgery may be the best treatment choice. If this is true for you, you can move forward in confidence knowing our dedicated joint surgeons are board-certified, have additional training, and will perform the procedure with care, skill, and precision.  

All along the way—from diagnosis to treatment and surgery as well as postoperative recovery—we are here for you. Our additional services, including digital X-ray, MRI, durable medical equipment (DME), physical therapy, and our surgery center, are all conveniently accessible to you.

We also have the following locations available to you in St. Louis as well as throughout Missouri and Illinois:

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