Areas of Specialty

Our expert orthopedic doctors are committed to providing you with superior access to exceptional bone, joint, and muscle care in the following areas of specialty. Learn more about our expertise.

  • Pain in the ankle can occur for several reasons, such as from a traumatic injury, such as a sprain or fracture, or as the result of a condition, like arthritis. The best way to determine the cause of your ankle pain is to visit a doctor who specializes specifically in the foot and ankle.

  • Back doctors are fellowship-trained or specialty-trained medical providers who have been trained to assess, diagnose, and treat back injuries and conditions, such as herniated discs, sciatica, and scoliosis. These specialists are highly skilled at providing pain management as well as pain relief for the spine, and they specialize in performing a wide array of nonsurgical and surgical procedures and treatments, from minimally invasive surgeries to epidural injections.

  • An elbow doctor is an orthopedic expert who has been trained to assess, diagnose, and provide treatment for elbow injuries and conditions. These doctors specialize in treating a wide range of issues, from tennis elbow, fractures, and arthritis to nerve issues and tendon injuries. Additionally, doctors who specialize in the elbow can also have additional expertise and training in related areas of the body or specialties, such as the hand, wrist, shoulder, sports medicine, or workers' compensation. 

  • Similar to the ankle, the foot is a complex part of the human body. Determining what is causing pain in the foot can be challenging and can ultimately lead to a number of potential sources or reasons, which is why you may need to consult with a foot doctor.

  • When dealing with hand pain, there is much to consider to determine the cause or source of the pain. A specialty-trained hand doctor or surgeon can deliver the high-level medical insights and care needed for relief. At Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, our hand doctors, Dr. Matthew Collard and Dr. William Feinstein, are expertly trained orthopedic surgeons with additional focus and training in the hand and wrist.

  • Hip joints carry a significant amount of a person's weight. So, when these large ball-and-socket joints become damaged or painful, it can make life extremely difficult. An orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the hip joint can help you navigate your pain through a number of nonsurgical and surgical treatment options. Our hip specialists at Orthopedic Associates in St.

  • Joint replacement surgeries at Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis are performed by orthopedic surgeons with additional education and training in joint replacement procedures of the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, and finger joints. All of our surgeons are board-certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, which is an additional mark of distinction that extends beyond minimum standards and competency for their specialty, and several have additional education and focus on specific areas of the body.

  • More times than not, patients will undergo a joint replacement procedure only once for a particular joint; however, for various reasons, there are times when a second joint replacement, or revision, may be necessary to correct, adjust, or treat an underlying infection or misalignment, or it may be performed to replace an old implant. Since the complexity and challenge of a joint revision will vary greatly by the patient, not all joint replacement surgeons perform joint reconstruction or revision procedures because they require different skills and techniques.

  • The most commonly injured joint in the body is the knee. Whether you suffer from a sports-related injury or the effects of a degenerative disease like arthritis, knee pain is often treated by an orthopedic doctor. Since there can be so many causes for knee pain, many orthopedic doctors specialize in various aspects of the knee joint, including sports medicine, joint replacement, and adult knee reconstructions. At Orthopedic Associates in St.

  • Neck doctors are medical specialists who have undergone extensive education and training to recognize and diagnose a wide range of injuries and conditions that affect the neck. These specialists are highly skilled in providing care for the neck and offer a multitude of surgical and nonsurgical treatment options, from epidural injections to minimally invasive neck surgeries.

  • Within the medical field of podiatry, podiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of foot and ankle issues, helping patients manage, treat, or reduce their foot and ankle pain as well as helping to improve their overall well-being.

  • The shoulder joint is largely considered to be the most unstable joint in the entire body. This is primarily due to the fact that the shoulder has the highest range of motion and can move in nearly a 360-degree rotation, making it more susceptible to injury. At Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, we have orthopedic surgeons who specialize in shoulder injuries and conditions, including Dr. James BurkeDr. Matthew Collard, Dr. Richard HulseyDr.

  • Because the spine is a highly complex structure, spine doctors must have a deep understanding of how it functions as well as how to properly treat it. These specialists have undergone extensive training and education to be able to accurately evaluate and treat a multitude of spine conditions and injuries, from spinal deformities to disc herniations. They also specialize in providing traditional treatment methods as well as state-of-the-art surgeries.

  • Almost everyone who considers themselves an athlete or regularly plays sports will experience some level of sports-related or exercise-induced pain, such as from a strain or sprain. Usually, these issues go away on their own. However, sometimes sports-related injuries don’t improve without treatment or are serious enough to require sports medicine care from a skilled doctor.

  • From carpal tunnel to a wrist fracture or nerve condition, wrist pain can be related to the hand, elbow, or even shoulder. Orthopedic surgeons who specialize in the hand, wrist, and upper extremity are often sought for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment. Our hand and wrist specialists at Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, Dr. Matthew Collard and Dr. William Feinstein, are expertly trained orthopedic surgeons with additional education, training, and focus in hand and wrist injuries and conditions.

  • Even though work-related injuries have decreased significantly since the implementation of many safeguards and regulations decades ago, employees are still injured daily on the job. While most go untreated by a medical professional, there are times when an injured employee will need medical attention from an orthopedic specialist or therapist. For this reason, we offer a workers' compensation program at Orthopedic Associates to St. Louis and our surrounding communities in Missouri and Illinois.