Work Injuries

Even though work-related injuries have decreased significantly since the implementation of many safeguards and regulations decades ago, employees are still injured daily on the job. While most go untreated by a medical professional, there are times when an injured employee will need medical attention from an orthopedic specialist or therapist. For this reason, we offer a workers' compensation program at Orthopedic Associates to St. Louis and our surrounding communities in Missouri and Illinois.

If you have suffered from any of the following most common work-related injuries and need medical attention, we offer a  Workers' Compensation Program.


  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Crashes and collisions with machinery
  • Muscle strains and injury from overuse
  • Falls, trips, and slips
  • Walking into objects
  • Traumatic injuries from machines


Workers' compensation helps employees and employers. Our orthopedic doctors and podiatrist, Dr. James BurkeDr. Brandon DoserDr. William Feinstein, Dr. Richard Hulsey, Dr. Robert Kramer, Dr. Christopher Mudd, Dr. Michael NogalskiDr. Christopher O’Boynick, and Dr. Ryan Pitts, have extensive knowledge, experience, and skill in treating work-related injuries and conditions across a multitude of specialty areas. Additionally, our on-site services provide injured employees with easy and convenient access to digital X-ray, MRI, and physical therapy.

Our workers' compensation program commits to employers continuous communication, timely updates and paperwork, and a return-to-work process that is efficient as well as safe for all parties. Learn more about our Workers' Compensation Program at Orthopedic Associates using the button below. 


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