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Pain in the ankle can occur for several reasons, such as from a traumatic injury, like a sprain or fracture, or as the result of a condition like arthritis. The best way to determine the cause of your ankle pain is to visit a doctor who specializes specifically in the foot and ankle.

There are two primary types of ankle experts: an orthopedic specialist, who has comprehensive knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system including the foot and ankle, and a podiatrist, who has specialized training in the injuries and conditions that impact the lower extremity or leg including the ankle and foot. We have both at Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, so together, our ankle doctors bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training to treat common and complex foot and ankle conditions and injuries. Our ankle doctors, Dr. R Randal Aaranson and Dr. Gary Schmidt, have years of experience and specialty focus to offer you superior access to exceptional ankle care. Our ankle specialists thoroughly understand the complexities and intricacies of the ankle, how it functions, and its impact on your daily life. It is with extensive knowledge that they can assess, diagnose, and treat your ankle injury or condition with the best treatment approach to fit your need.

Signs of an Ankle Injury or Condition

Your specific type of ankle pain or symptoms offer insights into your ankle condition. If you are experiencing any of the following, you may need to consult with an ankle expert:

  • Bone or bones are protruding on the outside of the joint (malleolus)
  • Foot and ankle pain that worsens when you wear shoes
  • Inflammation or redness
  • Joint gives out unexpectedly
  • Joint is swollen or stiff and hard to move
  • Outside of the ankle is painful
  • Pain when you bend or flex your foot
  • Shooting pain that travels up from the ankle into the lower leg
  • Sports-related ankle or foot pain

If you have any of the symptoms above, your ankle specialist may diagnose you with one of these ankle or foot conditions:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Ankle deformity
  • Arthritis
  • Broken ankle
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Lateral ligament damage
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Posterior impingement
  • Sprain

Superior Access to Exceptional Foot & Ankle Care

At Orthopedic Associates, our team of board-certified specialists and staff strive for excellence in orthopedic medicine and podiatry, offering exceptional knowledge and skill in every patient encounter. When diagnosing injuries and conditions, our doctors consider all factors and options before offering a care recommendation and are committed to attempting nonsurgical treatment options first before recommending surgery. Our foot and ankle specialists, Dr. R Randal Aaranson and Dr. Gary Schmidt, will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that specifically meets your individual needs and concerns.

However, for advanced conditions or serious injuries, ankle surgery such as total ankle replacement, ankle fusion, arthrodesis, or another type of ankle surgery may be the best treatment choice. If this is true for you, you can move forward in confidence knowing our dedicated ankle surgeons are board-certified and have additional specialty training in the foot and ankle and will perform the procedure with care, skill, and precision.

All along the way—from diagnosis to treatment and surgery as well as postoperative recovery—we are here for you. Our additional services, including digital X-ray, MRI, durable medical equipment (DME), physical therapy, and our surgery center, are all conveniently accessible to you.

We also have the following locations available to you in St. Louis as well as throughout Missouri and Illinois:

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