Local Grandma Finds Relief With New Knee & Iovera° Treatment

Reducing opioid use and easing pain, a new treatment paired with orthopedic surgery is offering local residents instant and lasting relief.

Mary, a local grandma and patient at Orthopedic Associates, has had phenomenal results with an innovative cold therapy treatment called iovera° and a successful knee replacement performed by Dr. Ryan Pitts. Mary had been enduring the debilitating effects of degenerative knee arthritis. Eventually, the arthritis was bone-on-bone, leaving her unable to engage in activities she loved, such as bowling or cheering on her grandkids during sports events.

After undergoing knee replacement surgery and beginning her physical therapy program, Mary's life began to transform. She became occupied with getting back to life’s tasks, the activities she loves, and cherishing time spent with her beloved grandkids.

"I was just amazed at how well I did . . . I was up and doing things within three days," Mary shared. "I'm very pleased with my outcome."

Such positive results prompted her to undergo the iovera° cold therapy treatment again for her other knee ahead of her recent second knee replacement.

An innovative cold therapy, iovera° not only aids in reducing opioid use but also significantly decreases pain around the time of surgery, helping to speed up recovery. This leading-edge treatment has played a role in helping to transform Mary's life, enabling her to regain function and once again enjoy the activities she had missed.

Mary offered some advice to other patients struggling with knee arthritis or considering knee replacement surgery, saying, "I suggest they do the exercises that the doctor gives them. And the therapy." Mary's own dedication to following her doctor's recommendations has undoubtedly contributed to her impressive recovery and overall success.

With her second knee replacement now behind her, Mary looks forward to rekindling her passion for bowling and creating more memories with her grandkids.

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