Dr. William Feinstein Talks About Patient-Centered Care in ASSH Monthly Newsletter

Board-certified hand and upper extremity surgeon William K. Feinstein, M.D., of Orthopedic Associates recently released an article called “Drawing Pictures” on the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) website.

“The importance of good communication with patients cannot be overestimated,” he said.

Dedicated to individualized patient-centered care, Dr. Feinstein shares his approach to helping his patients make informed decisions and experience the best possible results in their orthopedic treatment. He strongly believes patients should be brought into the entire process through good communication—helping them understand their anatomy and the surgical procedure steps.

“My best tip for good patient communication is to draw pictures,” Dr. Feinstein said.

To learn more about his patient-centered technique, please read the full article here.