Preparing Your Home for Post-Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Recovering from total knee replacement surgery can be a painful, grueling experience. The good news is many patients experience a new lease on life after knee replacement that allows them to enjoy golf, running, dancing, and many other activities that were painful to experience before the surgery. The recovery period can be several weeks long and of course, every patient’s situation is unique.

Thankfully, there are a few easy ways to make your post-total knee replacement recovery a bit easier to manage around the house. In the days after your surgery, you will likely be back home and trying to have life be as normal as possible. With some simple changes in your home, you can make your recovery period much safer and more enjoyable.

Protect against falling

Of course, we hope you don’t fall at any time, but patients with a new knee are at a higher risk of falling. It’s wise to protect against a fall by installing an extra hand rail or two around the house and wearing shoes or socks with good traction. You may also want to install a few brighter light bulbs in dimly lit areas on your property to guide your footing.

Get rid of clutter

Do you really need that extra table or chair? Probably not. Having extra space is priceless when it comes to post-knee replacement surgery. Less clutter means less items that can block your path or cause you to fall. Try to create wider-than-normal walkways through your house so you have room to maneuver.

This may also be a good time to secure a cleaning crew for the first six weeks following surgery. Your doctor will want you to avoid any unnecessary movements after surgery until they give you the go-ahead.

Prepare to be comfortable

The reality is you will have a lot of down time after your knee replacement surgery. You will want a comfortable ergonomic chair to support your back and buttocks for the first few weeks. A recliner may be your best option because it can lean back while elevating your legs.

What else will you need to be as comfortable as possible while you recover? Here are a few items you may want to have within arm’s reach: a few power chargers for your laptop, tablet, or phone are important, as are tissues, a remote, books, pain medications, extra bottles of water, and a few health snacks.

Total knee replacement recovery is different for every patient, which is why we recommend you having assistance from friends or family members to help you move around your house. Our team at Orthopedic Associates wants to help you recover well. We created a FREE resource for you entitled "The Step-by-Step Guide to Recovering from Knee Replacement Surgery and What to Expect Following Surgery".

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