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Sports Medicine

Sports enthusiasts and physically active people can be especially susceptible to orthopedic injuries and conditions. The board-certified surgeons at Orthopedic Associates in St. Louis, Missouri have advanced training in the medical specialty area of sports medicine. In addition to treating sports injuries, we offer ways to help you improve your sports performance. At all times your doctor will direct your continuum of care, from evaluation and treatment to rehabilitation and discharge.

Some of the most common sports injuries we see in both competitive and amateur athletes include:

While there are many injuries that may require surgery, either immediately or eventually, our sports medicine doctors always prefer non-surgical treatments whenever possible, including:

At Orthopedic Associates, we are committed to delivering the best in comprehensive sports medicine for our patients. For an appointment at our main St. Louis office or any of our outreach clinics, use our online request form or call (314) 569-0616.