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Dr.Bell is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He has a fellowship in hand and upper extremity surgery from the combined of the University of Virginia and the American Sports Medicine Institute with Dr.F.C.McCue III and Dr.James Andrews. Dr.Bell specializes in treating orthopedic problems from the shoulder to the hand in adults. He has treated a wide array of work-related injuries of the hand, wrist and elbow during his twenty-plus years in practice and enjoyed a good working relationship with the case managers involved in those patients care. He has also served as team physician, dealing with upper extremity injuries, for universities in Texas, Virginia and Alabama.

Dr.Bell graduated from medical school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1989. He completed his surgical internship at the Medical College of Virginia and residency at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr.Bell had a busy hand surgery practice, with a large orthopedic group in Texas, from 1995 to 2015, before returning home to Missouri.

Dr.Bell has lectured at universities across the United States and around the World, including Austria and South Africa. He has been published in journal and book form, including chapters concerning sports-related injuries of the wrist and hand. He is on staff at Des Peres Square Surgery Center and Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Dr.Bell is a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. He is also a member of the American Association of Hand Surgeons and has received recognition from several medical bodies in the United States.

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    By: Dr. Robert Bell Have you ever seen a basketball player or quarterback jam their finger and the finger looks crooked? No, the finger isn’t broken or dislocated, but it’s obvious that the finger has an accordion-type shape from tip to hand. This is a condition called mallet finger and is more common than you might expect. Mallet finger occurs “when the tendon that straightens your finger (the extensor tendon) is damaged.” (ASSH) When a player’s fingers collide with a fast-moving basketball or a football helmet, forcible contact of the fingertip can tear the extensor tendon that helps straighten the finger. In some extreme cases, the force is strong enough to also detach some of the bone connected at the end of the extensor tendon. A torn extensor tendon renders the finger incapable of straightening on its own strength without the tendon’s support. Symptoms and signs of Mallet Finger A telltale sign of mallet finger is a drooping appearance of the fingertip. Additionally, concentrated pain, swelling, and even pooling blood under the fingertip are also often symptoms of mallet finger. Some patients who experienced ...
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    Dr. Bell Your hand hurts, but you don’t know why. Of course, it’s easy for our brains to go to the worst possible scenario: it’s probably broken and I’ll never be able to use my hand again. Now, we all know that’s a silly notion, but you can’t ignore pain, nor should you. Is it a numbing sensation? Do you feel ‘tingling’ in your fingers that starts at the palm of your hand? There may be an excellent answer to why your hand is in pain. A simple bump on a kitchen counter or a tabletop can cause some bruising that may last for a day or two. If you accidentally slept with your hand pinned under your body or your partner’s body, that can disrupt some of the blood flow for a short while. Gently massage the pain area and see if the pain subsides. If your hand continues to be in pain, you may want to consider other causes: Tendinitis can cause hand pain Repetitive motion, such as manual labor, manufacturing, and even typing on a keyboard with your wrists improperly ...
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