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Should I be worried about the pain in my hand?
Should I be worried about the pain in my hand?

Dr. Bell

Your hand hurts, but you don’t know why. Of course, it’s easy for our brains to go to the worst possible scenario: it’s probably broken and I’ll never be able to use my hand again. Now, we all know that’s a silly notion, but you can’t ignore pain, nor should you. Is it a numbing sensation? Do you feel ‘tingling’ in your fingers that starts at the palm of your hand? There may be an excellent answer to why your hand is in pain.

A simple bump on a kitchen counter or a tabletop can cause some bruising that may last for a day or two. If you accidentally slept with your hand pinned under your body or your partner’s body, that can disrupt some of the blood flow for a short while. Gently massage the pain area and see if the pain subsides. If your hand continues to be in pain, you may want to consider other causes:

Tendinitis can cause hand pain

Repetitive motion, such as manual labor, manufacturing, and even typing on a keyboard with your wrists improperly bent, can be a cause of tendonitis. This means that the tendons helping facilitate the movement through your wrist and hands become inflamed. Resting the injured area and applying ice for brief, controlled periods of time can help reduce inflammation. Taking the appropriate dosage of NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as aspirin and ibuprofen, will also relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Osteoarthritis can cause hand pain

Joint pain and swelling in your hand are often signs of osteoarthritis. There are 29 bones in your hand and wrist area. Adding inflammation between any of the joints can cause significant pain. If you’re unsure whether your hand pain is being caused by osteoarthritis, test your grip strength by trying to open a jar or turn a key. If you experience any weakness or pain in your grip, you may be suffering from osteoarthritis. (ASSH)

Trauma to the hand area

Did you recently injure your hand and are unaware how serious the injury is? What may seem like a simple bump or bracing yourself from a fall can actually cause a sprain in your wrist and hand area, particularly the thumb. Overextension of the thumb’s major joint is one of the more notorious causes of damage to the hand.

You shouldn’t have to live with constant pain in your wrists or hands. We have hand, wrist, and elbow specialists as part of our Orthopedic Associates team. We can identify the root cause of your hand pain and the best treatment options to consider.

If you’re in need of an orthopedic consult, click here to schedule an appointment with our Orthopedic Associates team.

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