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5 benefits of tracking your fitness with mobile apps
5 benefits of tracking your fitness with mobile apps

By: Dr. Burke

There are currently over 100,000 health-related apps available for smartphones. (The Conversation) Approximately 69 percent of U.S. adults monitor their health data via a health app in the areas of exercise routines (including heart rate), blood pressure, eating patterns and caloric intake, glucose levels, sleep, fertility cycles, emotional moods, and even sex. (VCloudNews) Nearly half of all U.K.-based adults who self-track their health via mobile apps report ‘strong behavioral change’.

As we all know, just because something’s popular doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for your health, like binge-watching Netflix shows instead of exercising. What are the benefits of using a mobile app to track your fitness? We believe there are at least five major benefits to monitoring your health through a mobile app:

  1. Measuring results for future improvement. As the adage goes, “What is measured is realized. What is realized is capable of being changed.” The ability to record and evaluate your fitness performance, frequency, and changes over time is vital information that your primary care physician would be interested in knowing.

  2. Tracking your fitness is easier than ever. If you’re going on a run or a bike ride, simply open your favorite fitness mobile app and hit ‘Start’. Enjoy your exercise and then hit ‘Finish’ on your app. All of the data gathered during your exercise, like pacing per mile, altitude range, overall time, mile splits, and more is at your fingertips to see. All you had to do was hit two buttons.

  3. Share your fitness goals and exercise outcomes with your friends. Did you love the HIIT workout you just completed? If you tracked the workout with a fitness app, you can share it with your friends and social media network. Many fitness apps have built-in social sharing features to let the world know that you’re working on getting the body you want. Remember, misery loves company, especially when it comes to up-downs.

  4. Keeping yourself accountable. Whether you struggle with motivation or not, seeing the results for yourself on your screen can be enough to give you the extra kick to finish your workout strong.

  5. Setting realistic goals for you to achieve. So, you want to get more physically fit, but what does that even look like? Building a killer six-pack and running a sub-seven-minute mile are two very different fitness goals. A good fitness tracking app allows you to set your personalized goals and create a roadmap towards achieving the results you want to see.

What are some other benefits of fitness apps that you enjoy?

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