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5 best hikes in St. Louis under 5 miles
5 best hikes in St. Louis under 5 miles

By:  Dr. Richard Hulsey

It’s time to grab your Camelback, throw on your hiking boots, and hit the trail around St. Louis. Our town is home to some of the best hiking trails in all of Missouri. Five miles may seem like a massive distance, but you’d be surprised how much you can enjoy a good stretch of the legs along the river or across the bluffs. Here are five of the best hikes in St. Louis that are five miles or less:

Lime Kiln Loop Trail - Rockwoods Reservation

Rockwoods Reservation offers multiple trails to explore, but if you’re looking a more difficult challenge, do the three-mile stretch of the Lime Kiln Loop Trail. Rockwoods Reservation is off Highway 109 on Glencoe Road in West County.

River Scene Trail - Castlewood State Park

If you want to combine hiking with a small measure of climbing, take a hike on the River Scene Trail in Castlewood State Park. A short, steep climb leads up to a great scenic view from the top of the limestone bluffs along the Meramec River.

Dogwood Trail - Babler Memorial State Park

Serious hikers will love Dogwood Trail in Babler Memorial State Park. It’s located in Weldon Spring and is 2.3 miles in distance. You will be stretched with several inclines along the trail. Prepare to get your feet a little wet with a few stream crossings. With a good pair of hiking boots and plenty of bug repellant, Dogwood Trail is a great experience.

Spring Valley Trail - Cliff Cave County Park

Want to see the second-largest cave in the state of Missouri? Look no further than Spring Valley Trail in Cliff Cave County Park. It’s rated “moderate” difficulty for some climbing, but viewers can see the cave from the trail on their 2.1-mile hike.

Flint Quarry Trail - West Tyson County Park

Get out of the city and enjoy a beautiful 2.5-mile jaunt through West Tyson County Park on the Flint Quarry Trail. The trail winds through the Crescent Hills and gives you the feeling of being out in nature without the sounds of the city. West Tyson County Park is filled with history so be ready to learn a few new facts about St. Louis.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of our great city and be safe on the trails today!

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