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America Needs Orthopedic Surgeons: Five Things You Didn't Know About the Demand For Orthopedic Medicine

orthopedic surgeonIf you're suffering from a foot, ankle, or knee problem, you're not alone. Orthopedic issues are far more common than you'd think. Here are just a few facts you may not have known.

There's an Incredibly High Demand For Orthopedic Surgeons. 

There's actually an incredibly high demand for orthopedic surgeons. In fact, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery reports that there are about 25,500 orthopedic surgeons currently practicing within the United States. Most of these orthopedic surgeons practice privately, as private practices make up about 73.5% of all orthopedic practices. The remaining practices are split between academic institutions, hospital and medical center practices, academic private practices, military practices, pre-paid plans and HMO practices, public institutions, other settings, and locum tenens.

Women Have a Higher Need For Orthopedic Medicine Than Men. 

About 75% of Americans experience foot problems to some degree of severity at one point in their lives, and about 60% of all foot and ankle injuries are sprains and strains. However, women have about four times as many foot issues as men do. The reason -- high heels.

An Average of 32 Orthopedic Procedures Are Performed Each Month. 

Believe it or not, orthopedic surgeons actually perform a jaw dropping average of 32 orthopedic procedures each month, according to the Orthopaedic Practice in the U.S. 2008 report.

Knee Surgery Is the Most Common Orthopedic Surgery.

Adult orthopedic knee surgery is the most popular sub-specialty in orthopedics, as over 35% of orthopedic surgeons practicing in this area. The next most common sub-specialties include arthroscopy (34.4%), sports medicine (34.3%), and total joint (33.4%).

Most Orthopedic Surgeons Live in California. 

California has the most orthopedic specialists, with 2,180 practicing there, with New York, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Massachusetts following respectively. In other words, if you live in one of these states, and need to have orthopedic surgery, you won't have to look very far, very hard, or for very long to find the doctor you need.

Who would have thought that there were so many orthopedic specialists out there, or that they performed so many surgeries a month? If you have any questions about orthopedic surgery, feel free to share in the comments.

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