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Best Hiking & Running Trails in St. Louis
Did you know that Missouri currently holds the title of “Best Trails State”? It’s true! With almost 1,000 miles of managed trails and 500 miles of National Recreation Trails, we are really living up to our reputation as “Gateway to the West.” With all those miles of trails to explore, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why Orthopedic Associates is giving you our list of... The Best Of The Best Trails: St. Louis Edition Best Trail For Cardio: Grant’s Trail 8 miles of former railroad tracks that stretches through South and Southwest St. Louis County. The trail is fairly flat, making it perfect for everything from biking and running to rollerblading and cross country skiing. l image source: Rob Anderson http://www.bikegrantstrail.com/ Best Trails With A Little History: Jefferson Barracks Jefferson Barracks is the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi River. It is home to an expansive cemetery, a museum, countless events, a golf course, several sports fields, and a delightful 2.7 mile paved trail. The trail itself is well maintained and has several challenging hills, making it ideal for ...

Our Winter Radio Ads
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Is Running Actually Good For You?
There’s a long standing debate between runners and non-runners: Is running actually good for you? It’s time to find an official answer. Let’s examine the facts: The benefits of aerobic exercise (cardio) are undeniable. It’s widely known that those who regularly engage in cardio experience decreased stress, healthy weight loss, increased heart and lung strength, greater bone density, improved mood, and boosted energy. If we look at the definition of cardio, it is any use of oxygen to meet the demands created by movement via aerobic metabolism. Basically, anything that has your body intaking more air than usual and converting it to energy can be considered aerobic exercise. The question then becomes: Is running, a specific TYPE of cardio, beneficial to the body? To answer, we’ll have to look at the mechanics of the act of running. You’re breathing heavier and your heart is pumping more, but what about all those joints and muscles moving around to facilitate your aerobic experience? Running, by definition, requires that both of your feet be off of the ground simultaneously at some point in your cycle of movement ...