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5 lifestyle changes to prevent pre-osteoarthritis
5 lifestyle changes to prevent pre-osteoarthritis

As our bodies age, the protective cartilage throughout our joints can start to deteriorate. This is a degenerative joint condition we refer to as osteoarthritis. There is no known cure for osteoarthritis, but there are several preventative measure you can take to lessen your future risk.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being only ten pounds overweight can increase the impact force on your hips, knees, and ankles by as much as sixty pounds of pressure. (Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center) Consult with your primary care physician about what may be the optimal weight range for your body type.

Eat more fish

Research shows that specific types of fish are rich in omega-3, a healthy polyunsaturated fat that is known to reduce inflammation. The USDA recommends eating fish like trout, sardines, and salmon twice a week for optimal health benefits. (USDA)

Stretch before exercising

Stiffness or a dull deep ache in a joint can be a sign of pre-osteoarthritis. (Source) Take more time to stretch before and after exercising to give your body the opportunity to safely absorb the physical motion and any weights moved while exercising.

Change your diet

Reduce inflammatory food sources, such as refined carbs (breads, pasta, rice), caffeine, and certain spices. Find healthy alternatives that are low in saturated fats and risk of increasing inflammation.

Avoid injuries and treat at the first opportunity

“It’s just a tweaked knee. Not a big deal!” You may have even said those words after a seemingly small incident in your daily schedule or while playing a friendly athletic game. More debilitated cartilage is susceptible to greater injury and long-term osteoarthritic damage. Use the appropriate protective gear and the proper technique when playing sports and exercising.

If you’re suffering from pre-osteoarthritis, our board-certified physicians may be able to help alleviate some aspects of your condition. Click here to schedule your next appointment or contact any of our St. Louis area locations.

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