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What You Don't Know About Orthopedic Surgeons
orthopedic surgeonOrthopedic surgery seems like an incredibly scary term, reserved only for people who have gotten seriously injured. However, it can help in other situations, and orthopedic surgeons can help in other ways as well. You may not even need surgery. Many people do not realize the full extent of what orthopedics can do for them and their health. The key is being educated so that when you need care, you can make an informed decision for treatment. Read on for a few ways you probably didn't know that orthopedic surgeons can help you.

Back Pain
This seems like it's something you would go to a chiropractor for, but orthopedic surgeons can help as well. About 50% of Americans say that they suffer from back pain symptoms each year, and at any given time, 31 million Americans experience low back pain. Orthopedics can help manage these symptoms and come up with lasting solutions to leave you pain-free.

General Orthopedics
It's not always something related to surgery -- sometimes just having regular pain can make seeing an orthopedic surgeon necessary. Like with back pain, other pains such as hand and wrist conditions can be managed and solved. An example of this would be something like arthritis. One in four people will have hip arthritis at some point in their lives. General orthopedics can manage that, prescribe medications, or possibly find another solution for you to live a comfortable life.

Sports Medicine
Yes, they can even do sports medicine. Many sports teams use orthopedic surgeons as their medical team in fact, due to their extensive knowledge of the human body. Their particular strengths lie in joints and how they work together, which is incredibly important for athletes.

Have you seen an orthopedic surgeon lately? What was your experience like? Would you recommend it to others? Let us know in the comments!

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