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Best Hiking & Running Trails in St. Louis
Did you know that Missouri currently holds the title of “Best Trails State”? It’s true! With almost 1,000 miles of managed trails and 500 miles of National Recreation Trails, we are really living up to our reputation as “Gateway to the West.” With all those miles of trails to explore, it can be hard to figure out where to start. That’s why Orthopedic Associates is giving you our list of... The Best Of The Best Trails: St. Louis Edition Best Trail For Cardio: Grant’s Trail 8 miles of former railroad tracks that stretches through South and Southwest St. Louis County. The trail is fairly flat, making it perfect for everything from biking and running to rollerblading and cross country skiing. l image source: Rob Anderson http://www.bikegrantstrail.com/ Best Trails With A Little History: Jefferson Barracks Jefferson Barracks is the oldest operating U.S. military installation west of the Mississippi River. It is home to an expansive cemetery, a museum, countless events, a golf course, several sports fields, and a delightful 2.7 mile paved trail. The trail itself is well maintained and has several challenging hills, making it ideal for ...

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Is Running Actually Good For You?
There’s a long standing debate between runners and non-runners: Is running actually good for you? It’s time to find an official answer. Let’s examine the facts: The benefits of aerobic exercise (cardio) are undeniable. It’s widely known that those who regularly engage in cardio experience decreased stress, healthy weight loss, increased heart and lung strength, greater bone density, improved mood, and boosted energy. If we look at the definition of cardio, it is any use of oxygen to meet the demands created by movement via aerobic metabolism. Basically, anything that has your body intaking more air than usual and converting it to energy can be considered aerobic exercise. The question then becomes: Is running, a specific TYPE of cardio, beneficial to the body? To answer, we’ll have to look at the mechanics of the act of running. You’re breathing heavier and your heart is pumping more, but what about all those joints and muscles moving around to facilitate your aerobic experience? Running, by definition, requires that both of your feet be off of the ground simultaneously at some point in your cycle of movement ...

Time Saving Tips
Since 1968, Orthopedic Associates has been proud to deliver outstanding care to our patients. Something that a lot of doctors forget, but we never have, is the importance of respecting a patient’s time while they are in your care. Doctor’s visits take time. Scheduling appointments takes time. The recovery process takes time. It’s our goal, at Orthopedic Associates, to get you back to your best as quickly as possible. We can control the ease of scheduling and shortness of our wait times, but there are other time-saving opportunities in your life that only you can take advantage of. Here’s five time saving tips to give you a few extra hours in your 24 hour day: 1. Give things a home: How much time do you spend searching for lost items? When you’re cleaning, how many minutes are wasted picking up things that ended up on your floor rather than on the shelf? How frequently do you devote your brain space to pondering: “I wonder if I can throw this away or if someone is still using it?” If you set a designated ...

A Message From Orthopedic Associates
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Saving Time : Speedier Recovery
If you are finally on the road to recovery, it can seem like a long journey; especially if you are overcoming a chronic orthopedic condition. While regular communication with your doctor and excellent care can speed up your healing process, you can also take control of your healthtimeline when you’re not at a doctors’ visit. Get back to living your best life faster with these tips: 1. Surround yourself with positive people: Arguments cause stress. Stress triggers the release of cortisol. Cortisol has a negative impact on your body repairing itself. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, a professor of psychiatry at Ohio State University College of Medicine, conducted an experiment indicating that people in hostile relationships healed at 60% the rate of “happier” couples. It’s not just mental. Because of human’s unique body chemistry, negativity can poorly influence your health. Go ahead! Take your recovery time to cut the bad folks out of your world and enjoy a full body and mind rejuvenation. 2. Do things that you love: In addition to removing the stressors from your life, healing can be expedited by ...

Helping Hands: How Grandparents Shape Lives
"Happy or sad I think that grandmothers are the wisest, most understanding people in the world (excluding, of course, grandfathers)." -Jane Moore, age 10

 Richard and Helen Exley (Eds.), To Grandma and Grandpa As the Baby Boomer generation shifts into the role of “grandparent”, more and more research is being done on the social, financial, and developmental impact that grandparents have on their grandchildren. In the past, parents were given the majority of the credit for the emotional and physical evolution of their kids, but the increased research indicates that grandparents play an equally important role in early-adult-education.

 Additionally, According to AARP, because of trying economic circumstances and increased military deployment, 2.6 million (up 8% from the previous year) grandparents are the primary caregivers for America’s youth. Even if you are not a primary caregiver, you have the ability to influence your grandchildren’s development beyond what you had initially thought.

 The unfortunate thing is that as Boomers age into the role of “grandma” or “grandpa”, so do their joints. It’s important to keep a pulse on your physical health so you don’t miss ...

Orthopedic Golf Tips
Sports-related injuries are a common thing we treat here at Orthopedic Associates. We strive to get athletes healed so they can get back to the game they love. As much as we love helping people get better, there are certain steps everyone can take to prevent injury in the first place. I love golfing and in my years around the sport, I’ve compiled some helpful tips that can help prevent injury. These suggestions are good for any physical activities and sports and can help you avoid pain and serious injury.  Ortho_Golf_tips.pdf

Helping Hands: Pain and Management
You use your hands to build the foundation of your life. They are your ultimate resource for interacting with the world around you and when their functionality is limited by acute or chronic pain it can be devastating. We’d like to take the opportunity to educate you on some of the common disorders that affect your hands. This way you can begin your healing process more quickly and get back to doing the things that matter, like living your best life. De Quervain’s tendinitis What it is: De Quervain’s tendinitis or the swelling of the tendons at the base of your thumb. This ailment goes by a multitude of nicknames including BlackBerry thumb, gamer’s thumb, and mother’s wrist. When it hurts: When you do activities that involve making a fist, turning your wrist, or holding objects. Any form of tendinitis can be caused by excessive repetition of a specific action  (think tennis elbow or golf elbow.) De Quervain’s tendinitis, however, specifically affects the wrist. Things like bowling, golf, fly-fishing, sewing and knitting may be causes. What it feels like: You might experience a ...

Better Results Come From Orthopedic Associates
People enter the medical field for many different reasons, but the common thread-the constant fact-is that we want to help people. Making lives better through healing is a team effort at Orthopedic Associates; this is one of the reasons why I am proud of our long history of providing great results for patients. Dealing with the pain of an injury or an arthritic joint is stressful enough without having to run around between a clinic, an imaging center,  a surgical facility, and a physical therapist office. Orthopedic Associates is a full service organization. When you have a problem, you come to us for a diagnosis, and then you can return for your treatment and rehab, all in the same place. We see your progress all the way through. We are invested in every aspect of getting you back to what you love doing. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with our patients and with each other. Here, we are able to easily and effectively share pertinent information about every patient, and deal with every detail that should be addressed. ...